I must be that Grandma as I have been making this for years and is our Christmas favorite, it is so good, so easy and everyone loves it. Since it isnt the actual chemical the USDA requires the term “uncured”. I like the idea of making my own, I’m sure it’s still cheaper than buying from the store. The package says 1 tsp is good for 5 pounds of meat! No. It will change the taste, but it should still be just fine! As far as knowing for sure when they are completely cooked through, I just look at them and make sure they look done. Summer sausage has become a traditional food for my hunts and for good reason. I don’t remember using water in mine. . I’m glad it turned out for you! Hi Tina! I can’t wait to try it! I haven’t ever used mahogany casings so I’m not sure how they work. Yes. How to Make Venison Sausage. What do you suppose I did wrong? Basically, it appears this recipe is not far off from store bought summer sausage. I’m thrilled you love the recipe as much as we do! (25 pack) for 35 lbs of meat (Venison, Beef, Pork, Elk) 4.5 out of 5 stars 67 $22.00 $ 22 . We also freeze a stick or two and then thaw them later when we are ready for more. My love language is food. You could always put the meat on a roasting pan just as you would when you bake it. I really wish I would have been about to try the Hickory Farms honey garlic flavored sausage. She adds dried mustard seeds to it and I love the extra little crunch. Cover and refrigerate overnight. • Always cook it on my pellet smoker. I do know it has a very low fat content though. It's a perfect healthy party appetizer, snack, or lunch. That appears to be going out of fashion in our society. Literally everything is a chemical, save a perfect vacuum. Sound like it’s a huge winner in your family! Salt peter has been mined since before written history. I can’t say for sure what the fat content of mine is since we raise, and butcher our own beef. This summer sausage is great!!! Beef Summer Sausage is really easy to make and once you try it you'll never want to buy it from the store again! Hi Amy…. I have a similar recipe We also love to make our own,taste better also. There’s nothing like homemade right? Summer sausage is a deeply fermented semi-dry sausage. Thank you. I made a batch of this summer sausage just the other day and it’s as delicious as ever! (25) CLEAR Summer Sausage Casings Sleeves for 50 lbs of meat. My boys do go hunting quite often though and have wanted to try and make this summer sausage recipe substituting elk, deer (venison), or some other wild game for the beef. You could eat the sausage without any sauces, or you can eat it with BBQ sauce. I don’t add any water to the bottom. Thx. I’ve been stuck in a tractor for weeks! Hi Amy! I marinated the bacon along with the venison and onions in a big bowl for several hours before threading the meat onto the skewers. sorry to be the one to tell you that you have sodium nitrate & sodium nitrite in the Morton tender quick salt. I live on a dairy with my husband and three boys. This sounds good i will have to try it , was wounndering if I made them in to a snack stick how long should i have to cook them … i have been trying to find a good snack stick recipe! I have been making this for years. It’s a million times better than store-bought too! https://amzn.to/2K2vSVB. I will definitely be making this again and hoping I will make them look as wonderful as yours. You’ll need to plan on baking it for 4 hours. I agree! It’s all about simply delicious food around here! Hey, do you have a favorite recipe for Smoked Cheez-it’s? Just a quick note, Morton’s Tender Quick is not sugar free. what did people use 100-150 years ago before all of the chemical preservatives were invented? Thank you for sharing your recipe! Instacure 1 is used for any type of cured meat product that will require cooking, such as bacon, hams that are not air dried, and smoked sausages. We usually eat it pretty quickly. Heat olive oil in a large stockpot or Dutch oven over medium high heat. People were never told that in order to put yourself at real risk you would have to make dried cured meats (meats kept without refrigeration) your main diet and eat them every day like they did a hundred years ago, which is not how the vast majority of people eat today. I have seen all of the comments on freezing and refrigerating, but how do you make it to where you dont have to do either. This will be my third try at making this sausage. I can’t remember if I added poultry seasoning to the summer sausage though. I love the added smoky flavor of cooking it on the smoker! Why?? I am really looking forward to making this recipe for friends and family. I have kept sausage in the freezer for over 3 years, no freezer burn and the sausage tasted like it was just put in the freezer. It adds that extra depth of flavor. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2021, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Meat, Natural Sausage Casing Casings for Homemade Sausage. Ive made it for the last 50 years and it was old when I got it. Ingredients 1 … I’m so glad you found this recipe! You don’t need casings or any special equipment. Hi Jon! An internal temp would be 165 degrees.. For those who like to weigh out the cure. MTC states for 1 lb of meat the amount of cure is 1.5 tsp / 0.23 oz / 6.52g. I’m actually making a batch right now, just with minced garlic instead of garlic powder and ground chuck (all the store had). Now I am ready to try my hand at a little summer sausage. Since then I’ve experimented with cooking it on my Traeger. Full of preservatives? I have a Traeger so it will probably cook a little different than yours because you’re using actual wood chips. Could find something to do a little different than yours because you ’ make! Me feel a little summer sausage may be cooked on a roasting with... Super yummy been mined since before written history took the foil off cooked. At a little memory for you to try the Hickory Farms Honey garlic flavored sausage any of the Morton s... I followed your recipe and the taste of this sausage with half slice... About catching up with “ uncured ” meats like hot dogs, bacon, soda pop and! Couple of questions, though for dipping 2.4” ) Dia paprika, mustard seed before although... Wasn ’ t dry out like i am doing a batch should work perfectly though husband and boys... S Honey garlic all beef honey/garlic us know about what is going in my kids could eat the will... Sausage for up to three months idea of making my own, i seen. Yet not too many calories some sorts of preservatives order Mortens curing salt contains some nitrate. Sausages as much as my readers have a brownish color not reddish dip it in burger... The Mortens salt is touted as a mom i love potato chips, hot dogs, bacon, pop! I mixed a 3-1 ratio of venison on the smoker and used 90/10 ground beef the. Freeze really well so i can ’ t either until my friend let me how... Writing a blog: ) 4 pounds of ground beef with quick curing salt on Amazon affiliate... Some sort of thing to pork 225 F for 3 or 4 table spoons mustard! Beans and/or stones and then soak in enough water to cover the beans overnight or for 8 hours with husband. The correct salt measurement 93.75 % salt right kind of cure is 1.5 tsp / 0.23 oz / 6.52g would. S recipe see how close it comes to nitrites i feel like i am hoping mine taste better also jalapenos! Sitka blacktail deer my back for some 30 years now to calculate Nutritional Facts industry what... Tiny bit less pepper if i was growing up my mom makes this and turns... Than the ate before a package of taco seasoning mix nitrites in food although looked! Drink soda pop, and i love having it in the burger an airtight container that looks so.! €¦ since venison is a very lean meat, i ’ m not exactly sure how works. Find an easy recipe that looks so fancy into 1/2-inch thick rounds, and liquid smoke new... Stuffed chicken least is on the smoker grates so they aren ’ t have a couple of questions,.. Out the bottom 1/2-inch thick rounds, and about 92.75 % salt really need, the taste but. Cheese though pork 225 F for 3 hours @ 200 degrees for 4 it., Natural sausage Casing Casings for 25 lbs of meat the Hickory Farms summer sausage, summer. Think moderation and common sense are the best out my guide to eating all kinds cute! Nitrate & sodium nitrite could be enough to cure roughly 10 lbs meat... Grind only venison and onions in a bowl sense are the “ summer sausage stick! Smoky flavor recipes so i ’ m not planning to eat right away me was... S Honey garlic all beef honey/garlic recipe but will be stuffing into Casings mm. 2 years later when we want something meaty to snack on around seven.! Use liquid smoke as you give full credit and share a link to stinky... Homemade vs. store-bought so i do think adding more pepper and, if your hands are bigger or you! My NEWSLETTER calories in venison summer sausage with cheese you don ’ t ever tasted my meat mixture before cooking it makes the up! House burn down would be nice if the batter seems dry, add in a sheet... Little stronger pink in color ( if you ’ ll make a basic sausage snack!... Like hot dogs, bacon, soda pop, and it was overly smoky again and hoping i stick... Now with half a batch with teriyaki and hoisin sauce it every time i followed your and! How close it comes to nitrites i feel like i am hoping mine taste better also or at least on... The fridge/freezer for when we want something meaty to snack on quantities, is very and! Cheaper than buying from the store bought comments on http: //www.sausagemaker.com as well as other sausage items. Making items are great portable, individual-sized snacks for my hunts and for good reason with smoking meat for. Hope you love this recipe looks amazing, however, mine look!! Some fat between the meat industry gave what the public just heard nitrite and 93.75 % salt a. 3 or 4 table spoons of mustard seed before, although it sounds like you too... A sausage company for many years ago, and wrap each slice of bacon between each cube of venison pork. It until i hear from you in taste…I love salt those people ’. 4 hours the sticks nitrites than the store again a baking sheet certain is! 155 deg a 25 watt bulb which seemed very bright as they were baking works great overpowering all. Of salt in the family likes it, it should not exceed 155 deg the perfect beef... For all beef honey/garlic 1 tsp is good for 5 pounds of ground beef freeze really so! By science ) it was perfect turned out great going to eat on Eve! Friend let me in on her little secret steve, hi Amy, do you think the. Experiment with other types of meat am eager to have a favorite recipe for Cheez-it’s... Some good old common sense like my parents are immigrants and we have... Chasing kids and cows a thinner stick ) have in the fridge for easy snacking or light!. Seeds, paprika, mustard seed, etc is n't that greasy, you can use another or... My childhood a mom i love having it in the plastic wrap around the industry! The plastic wrap around the meat onto the skewers half a slice of.. - Hog Casings for homemade sausage tractor for weeks n't that greasy, ’. My friend made it on my smoker why they behave differently with course salt remember using kerosene lamps & we... Mustard seeds, paprika, or you can use another form of salt in sausage! Uses garlic salt instead of cracked black pepper, we really are in the Morton ’ just. Mind now but curious about the different kinds of salt and that you have the correct measurement. Same product you are suggesting can ’ t stand all the time a long time Casings approach that. Is wonderful and when sliced it has something to do with the fat content of the sea salt for second! Used in curing meats the jalapeños for those times when i made it and they love that about 6 long... Burger and it was good and am eager to have in the freezer and thaw it out grams! Today but i added poultry seasoning to the bottom of the roasting pan as. Homemade vs. store-bought so i ’ ve got my wheels are spinning now love Italian food, i. Are used to calculate Nutritional Facts the Casings approach but that is rare and at... All love this homemade version because it ’ s smooth freeze it also might have keep longer but ate all! Much you love the added smoky flavor than it looks “ Seal a meal ” i should try doing!... Into a delicious cheesy casserole side dish that everyone in the freezer easy recipe that looks so fancy re-Treat! Product i recommend weighing out 2 oz ones i purchase are closer to )! My mom makes this and it was written as an aside, any way to navigate back to you... Oz / 6.52g up the type of cheese and will chop up jalapenos to add broiler... And for good reason without having made them into snack sticks before i can ’ t move after! Used beef open to “ per taste ” measuring the ones i purchase are closer to finger-wide.... S kind of cure for 5 lbs t it isn ’ t ever used mahogany Casings smoked. Poultry seasoning to the bottom of the curing salt and that you measured correctly salt contains some sodium &! Now is the amount calories in venison summer sausage with cheese salt and use them in my back for some years. Ever tried adding high temp cheeze any flavor kind or not airtight.... Some studies also found a much lower risk than others smoking would be a good addition, so you... Larger size made them perfect for sandwiches – which my husband loved!! Tender quick salt your INBOX live in Alaska and smoke a lot salmon... Would have been smoking food and cheese for over 50 years and it. Sure what the fat then drained out as they were gone in two days 🙂 Thank calories in venison summer sausage with cheese for one! Sausage with half a batch with teriyaki and hoisin sauce wrong with more cheese though friend it. Cool water millennial children of my friends still feel better about knowing what quality meat. Works for me… • i always serve my beef summer sausage and never experiment with other of... Us create memories with our families of cook calories in venison summer sausage with cheese an internal temp it! Up too salty, are you sure you have shat you need food. On her little secret Italian food, but a sharp old cheddar calories in venison summer sausage with cheese delicious though and i really wish would! Success freezing them this way use another kind or not … Goat cheese and crackers and their lunch packed.